About Us

Incendeo Enterprise was officially established since 2004.

Incendeo Collection is the gateway to the world of collectibles. We collect, sell and service all kind of branded and collectable items. We can help you source for items in your wishlist, survey information and market price for your items, service or restore the condition of your precious item(s), or you can simply purchase online from our collection.

Incendeo Collection strives to be your one-stop centre to shop for your desired collectibles. This is definitely a place you would like to visit regularly as our items are mostly unique and limited. Moreover, new items are being added frequently! Our customers come from all over the world, so come in and be amazed! The combination of informative and incisive editorial content makes Incendeo Collection the only site you need to make educated and confident purchases.

incendeo.lelong.com.my is our online auction store selling all kinds of used items, populated by www.lelong.com.my. We restore the condition of any used items, sell them to those who need them, therefore extending the lifespan of these used items. This is our contribution to Mother Earth by recycling towards a friendly global environment.

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