LEICA Minilux Camera (1995)

LEICA Minilux Camera (1995)
LEICA Minilux Camera (1995) LEICA Minilux Camera (1995) LEICA Minilux Camera (1995) LEICA Minilux Camera (1995)
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This is a pre-owned collection LEICA Minilux Camera, like new condition, comes with original leather carrying case. Refer to pictures.



Lens: 40mm f/2.4. Conventional Gauss-derived 6 elements in 4 groups. Multicoated.

Diaphragm: 7 blades, which is excellent.

Finder: Tiny 0.35x magnification. Covers only 83% of image.

AF: Active IR.

Close Focus: 2.3 feet (0.7m).

Shutter: 1 ~ 1/400 second and Bulb, not to exceed about 99 seconds.

Cable Release: 2.5mm electronic socket.

Frame Rate: ½ FPS.

Meter: Center-weighted. Sensor is a hole in the body next to the lens.

Meter Range: LV 2.5 ~ 16.5: 1 second at f/2.4 to 1/400 at f/16.

Exposure Modes: Professional (P, previously known as program) and aperture-priority, only.

Exposure Lock: With half-press of shutter.

Exposure Compensation: ±2 stops in ½ stop steps.

ISO: No manual settings; reads DX only from ISO 25 ~ ISO 5,000. Without a DX code on the film canister, the Minilux defaults to ISO 100.

Flash: Built-in, rated GN 36 feet (11 meters). 5 second rated recycle time.

Flash Range: Rated 24 feet (7.2m) at ISO 100.

Flash Modes: All the usual: Auto, ON, Off, Redeye, and Slow Sync.

Size: 4.8 x 1.1 x 1.5 " (124 x 29 x 43mm), specified.

Weight: 12.905 oz. (365.8g), measured with battery, strap and 24-exposure load of Fuji print film.

Power: One CR123A lithium.

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